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Social Media Marketing and Management Services for

BUSINESSES & Public Figures

For Public Figures

When a public figure (singer, actor, athlete , political activist etc) introduces himself in social media he/she always aims to interest the users, involve them in discussions and increase the number of fans. To have a stable and unique place in this competitive online field we need to be presentable. In this digital century the priority is given to an individual's digital image, which was the most spread, most discussed, therefore it has the biggest impression. In order to be a presentable individual in social networks you need; 

  • Build a friendly digital image

  • Be in all targeted social platforms

  • Have  unique communication methods

  • Form stability

  • Increase the number of active followers

  • Make the followers loyal customers

For Businesses

The world has become digital. Therefore, it cannot exist without marketing. Each business when presenting its company, product and service in social networks, first and foremost aims to interest the users, to get their approval (acceptance), become a topic of discussion, to increase the army of potential consumers. In this long-term work for making users into consumers the business unwittingly falls in the competitive field. There are must-have facts in this growing fight in order to be presentable;

  • Thoroughly thought-out online strategy

  • Clear understanding about consumers

  • Provide the "online presence" of products

  • Be in the center of interest

  • Engage devoted followers

  • Enhance the brand position in the market

Our experts will choose the best strategy  to reach for


Start  Growing Your Business NOW

Social Media Management & Advertising

We are ready to help you use your Social Media to build online communities and turn customers into your brand ambassadors, move your brand or business forward in online markets. We use relevant  Social Media Advertising options to reach for potential buyers. 80% of our clients meet their goals by using our Social Media Management and Advertising   Services, cus we do it with passion and dedication. 

TapTag Social Media Marketing
TapTag content creation

Content Creation

Building friendly digital image, providing the online presence of products, enhancing brand position in the market starts with good content which can make you a stand-out authority. Our professional team of writers and photographers will help you impress your shoppers. High quality, creative photo content, unique product description are the essential components for your brands' digital image. 

Online Reputation Management

The rise of the internet has given birth to a lot of good things... and a lot of things that are not so good. If someone says something negative about your business or your personality , or perhaps something that is old and obsolete, this can be a real damage for your future development. That's why you need to give the maximum control over what people see about you first on digital platforms. Our digital reputation managers are ready to help you to maintain your company's  online presence on high note. 

Social Media online reputation

Choose any of our service, get the following 










Special  offer for SINGERS & Composers

SELL YOUR MUSIC on iTunes, Amazon,  Spotify and more 

  • Keep 100% of your money 
  • Keep 100% of your rights
  • No label registration needed
  • Get monthly reports 
  • Grow your fan base 

Monetize your YouTube channel

  • Become a YouTube Partner
  • Enable Monetization
  • Earn money for video views
  • Keep 100% of revenue
Socia Media Marketing for Singers

Promote your song & music

video on Social Media 

The rise of social media has been huge for musicians. It gives a chance to promote your work globally.  Attracting listeners is definitely the biggest challenge for any new musician. Many artists choose the DIY option for promoting their songs/music. And that could be a painfully long process. Why don't you just trust specialists who know what exactly will work for you the best. Before starting the joyful journey of representing your artwork to your listeners, there are many important components to pay attention to. TapTag will help you spread your song all over the world with the following:
  • Building social media strategy
  • Develop KPI strategy 
  • Build effective advertising plan
  • Understand your audience 
  • Engage your fans beyond promotion 
  • Choosing the most effective platforms
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